#United Plant Savers: Planting the Future #Conference


#United Plant Savers: Planting the Future #Conference

The United Plant Savers Planting the Future conference is being held in Lawrence, KS. That means I can attend. It is a one day conference June 14th running from 8:30 – 5:00 pm CST. Rosemary Gladstar, my favorite herbalist, is one of the teachers.

Topics include:

  • Voices For Traditional Herbalism: Preserving Our Green Traditions
  • From Soil to the Apothecary: Prairie Herbs As Medicine
  • Introduction to Western Energetic Herbalism
  • Pollinator Gradens for Conservation and Herbalism, why they matter and how to create them
  • The Modern Prairie Rag Bag
  • Orphans and Obnoxious Neighbors (Plants)
  • Prairie Weed Medicine
  • The Pioneer gardens in Lawrence Kansas

If you are interested and you can make it, this conference sounds like a winner.

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  1. @patweber says:

    Well this is no surprise: that you are psyched up about this plant savers conference. It sounds like serendipity for you with it being close enough to you that you are able to attend it! Have a blast Cheryl. And I know you will share with us any important findings!

  2. jacquiegum says:

    Sounds perfect or you! Can't wait to read the blogs afterwards! have big fun:)

  3. Arleen says:

    I have never heard of The United Plant Savers Planting the Future conference. Look forward to you sharing what you learned.

  4. I won't be going, but sounds like a great conference. Thanks Cheryl.

  5. Susan Cooper says:

    Well it's too far for me, but perfect for you. I'm sure you will come back with all kinds of valuable info to pass along to us.

  6. JeriWB says:

    Conferences on any topic are always fun if you ask me 🙂

  7. Should be some very good information there.

  8. Glad you can attend the United Plant Savers conference, Cheryl. Needless to say I will not fly in from Sweden:-) Enjoy!!

  9. Very cool, Cheryl. Enjoy the conference. I'll look forward to reading about it on your blog.