#Citronella Plant


#Citronella Plant

Citronella Plant


It’s that time of year again. The weather gets warmer and the pests come out to play. That usually means that we humans are the target of their play. We make a lovely feast for all those pests.

This pest problem has resulted in a multitude of products whose sole purpose is to keep those pests from feasting on us.

I will be honest. I had never heard of a citronella plant before I purchased one for our new patio deck. OK Make that 4 plants purchased. I decided to treat theses plants as if they are citronella candles and place them accordingly. Did I mention that they actually have a lovely citrusy scent? So even if they don’t work as intended, they will still look and smell nice.

I will also fess up and admit that I also have the citronella candles as my backup plan, just in case the plants don’t work as intended.

Are you familiar with the citronella plant? Do they actually work like the candles or are they just another pretty scent?

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  1. jacquiegum says:

    I've never heard of these plants either! But it sounds like a great idea! Hope they work:)

  2. @patweber says:

    LOL. So they don't do as advertised? I've never heard of them. My landscaper has never mentioned them either and we're always using their services. You know what, looking good and smelling nice, well heck, don't we all want that in our yards?

  3. I'm not familiar with citronella plants, but they look very much like lemon verbena – are they the same. I'll look it up. Hope they work for you.

  4. Susan Cooper says:

    I've heard of the candles, but didn't know there was a citronella plant. I'm assuming it's mosquitoes they keep away. We don't have too much of a problem with them in California, but I'm sure these plants would be nice just for the smell anyway.

  5. You'll need to keep us updated about how these workout. We use citronella candles at my parents house. We don't have as many pests at my house.

  6. JeriWB says:

    I knew Citronella candles contained the active ingredient found in the plant, so it would be my guess that the plant would have some effect like the candles do.

  7. Have to admit I had never heard of them either. Let us know if they do repel insects.