Guest Post Guidelines

Those of you who would like to write a guest post for please follow these guidelines that are used to determine whether a guest writer request is suitable for both the website and the individual making the request.

  1. The guest writer subject needs to align with the website brand:
    1. Children’s health / Natural Medicine
    2. Children’s book reviews
    3. App reviews
    4. Product reviews
    5. Recipes
    6. Travelling with children
    7. DIY for children
    8. Special Needs
    9. Submit topic for approval
    10. Author Interviews
    11. Book Reviews
    12. Gadget Reviews
  2. Word count should be between 400-1,000 words
  3. Approved articles will be completed and provided to the publishing website at least one week prior to publishing.
  4. The guest writer will supply at least one authorized and approved image that corresponds with the guest writers article material.
  5. The guest articles needs to be well written and grammatically correct.
  6. Every guest writer by definition is self-promoting, however, no direct or outright sales pitches will be accepted.
  7. No affiliate links will be accepted.
  8. Internal links should be limited to the guest writers own website and/or to the sources that support the article’s main points.
  9. Only original articles will be accepted.
  10. In no way may a guest article infringe on anyone else’s copyrighted material. If it is determined that the article has done so, the article will be rejected or removed from the website if already published.
  11. If a guest article is published that includes links back to the author’s site, it is appropriate that there be a link back from the guest writer’s site to the publishing site.
  12. The author of the guest article will include a bio no longer then 50 words with a link back to the writer’s site.
  13. The guest writer will supply a headshot to be used with the bio.
  14. All guest post articles will have an introduction and closing comments from publishing website that will include a link back to the guest writer’s site.
  15. All comments to the guest writer on the publishing site are to be responded to by the guest writer.

If you are agreeable to the above terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us regarding your suggestions and ideas.