Photo Shooting Tent by Neewer: Review


Photo Shooting Tent by Neewer: Review

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

Most everyone knows by now that I gifted myself a Canon Rebel T5i camera. Yes. I am loving it! Along with the camera I also purchased some accessories. One of those ‘accessories’ is this photo tent.

I never buy anything without reading reviews, lots of reviews. I needed something to provide both a nice background and correct lighting. Price was also a factor in my decision. I am not a professional so I don’t need professional grade items, well, accept for the camera. 🙂

This photo shooting tent is portable, easy up and easily stored. It comes with 4 back drops of which I am partial to the black. They are held in place with velcro. The tent has a removable opening for easy placement of items.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

Easy store bag when you are not using the tent.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

Per Amazon:

  • It has a large removable front opening to allow for easy studio images in your home or office.
  • Made from translucent light diffusing white nylon fabric, detachable front door cover with slit for camera lens
  • The studio kit has a standard with a custom carrying case with both shoulder and hand carrying straps.
  • It filters the light and eliminates reflections and shadows completely., designed to produce consistent
  • Item Size (CUBE, cm/inch): 60 / 24″

As I get to know my camera and how to use it this photo tent has been great! Perfect background and lighting without a lot of setup or huge price tag.

What do you think of my dragon?


You can check it out on Amazon for yourself. Runs around $20.

What items do you use to take your photos?

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  1. jacquiegum says:

    LOVE the dragon!!! I have always thought that dragons are good luck:) Pretty cool photo shooting tent too:)

  2. patweber says:

    Yes Cheryl I remember when you said you were doing that! It's great to see some of the results of your decision and to hear that you are loving it. My husband is an amateur photographer and has lots of these tools. I just take pics with my iPhone for the most part.

  3. JeriWB says:

    Love this idea. When I took my intro to photography class the teacher showed us a fold-out sun shade, but the tent idea if pretty cool too. It's amazing how many tools there are to help us take better pictures.

  4. What a good idea. Don't know how many times in the past I had to shoot pictures for magazines and it would have come in handy. If I start taking photos professionally again, I will get one of those tents.

  5. Very cool, Cheryl! I really appreciate your reviews, as I never would have thought of purchaepsing a photo tent, but now seeing how reasonably priced they are .. I think I will!

  6. Susan Cooper says:

    Hi Cheryl, this looks interesting.:) may be really helpful while taking my blog photos.

  7. lenie5860 says:

    Hi Cheryl – really like the way you describe this photo tent and I'm with you. Before buying anything find out everything you can about the item – now that you did you can be pleased with it. At the moment I'm using a photo studio set up that Susan was kind enough to share with me but I have to use my dining room and table for that. This may be something to check out to give me more options as to where I can use it.

  8. emfoodcoach says:

    I'm glad I read this article. I'm about to get a camera for my blog, and I've thought about accessories for lighting. I don't know much about taking pictures, but I was an actress for many years and had to get many photos taken. From that experience I know about how important lighting is. Thank you for the share. I'm definitely going to check out the tent.

  9. Tim says:

    I am not exactly sure how to use the tent and get a black background as in your dragon photo but will do a bit of research and find out. Thanks, for the tip.