Gardman Mini #Greenhouse: Review


Gardman Mini #Greenhouse: Review


Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

I purchased this mini greenhouse for the sole purpose of keeping my cat out of my seedling plants. Yes. She kept knocking them off of the shelving unit I had. What a mess! Not to mention all the time wasted starting plants only to have them destroyed.

This greenhouse is basically as tall as I am and I am 5’1″. It has 4 floating shelves. Word of caution here… The shelves have good sized square mesh holes so if you are using little pots to start seedlings, you will need to place them on something so they don’t fall through.

The greenhouse is also very light weight. A stiff breeze could knock it over. If you have it outside, you will want to weight it down with something. It’s perfect for me since I have mine inside the house. It is easy to move because it is light weight.

It has a zippered plastic cover that rolls up for easy access.

The answer to your question is ‘Yes’. It has solved the cat problem. No more messes!

Do you start plants inside before planting outside? What tools do you use to start plants?

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  1. What a fantastic solution to your problem! Not just that, but it really looks like a lovely greenhouse you could have anywhere in a home.Love it – double duty solution.

  2. We have one of these. They are brilliant especially if you don't want to go to the expense of a full grown greenhouse.

  3. JeriWB says:

    Cats are so helpful 😉 I always think about starting plants indoors, but then never do.

  4. I like it. This would have been great this year since we planted from seeds instead of seedlings. But we ended up risking it all and planted everything where we wanted to.

  5. jacquiegum says:

    This is cool! I had to laugh about your kitty though 🙂 My cats would have been all over seedling plants. I'm surprised your kitty hasn't tried to open the door on this! But it looks lovely…what a bonus:)

  6. Arleen says:

    Cheryl- I start all my plants indoors before I put them outside. I have a bakers rack. I also bought an Aero Garden and use the light from that to start my tomato plants. Needless to say my dachshund can't reach any of my garden so we are good there.

  7. Susan Cooper says:

    My inquisitive Maine Coon cat is always in to everything too. This looks like a great solution to keep him out of the seedling plants.