It’s Football Season!


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It’s Football Season!

Change is a fact of life. Some changes come after a lot of struggle, some become inevitable as situations change, and some others happen without much fanfare.

Football is big in this country. Come Labor Day, shopping for football paraphernalia goes up phenomenally, conversations hover around football, the up and down of TV ratings can increase acidity among some, football food is eaten with abandon, and the personal stories of players and their play is covered extensively by media.

Over the decades, since the NFL brought together all the teams under one umbrella, some important aspects have changed.

From aural to visual

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What was essentially a game people heard over the radio and read about in the newspaper is watched extensively on TV today. Viewers can even live stream the game on their mobile devices. Production budgets for TV coverage are huge and ad campaigns are designed around the Super Bowl. Many of the Super Bowl ads live on after the games!

Training and Safety

As training methods became more rigorous, players are fitter than ever. They aim to stay in shape throughout the year. Safety of the players is also more emphasized now than before. Since football is a rough game, uniforms now have more padding and leather helmets have made way for better designed helmets which can withstand blows better using modern technology, thereby reducing incidents of concussion. Mouthpieces help players retain their all-teeth-intact-smiles!

Mothers in Football

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Image credit: US CPSC

In the past, mothers ferried their kids to football practice and once they made it big, sat in the family-room and worried over their kids. Today, the Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) has one primary purpose: to educate and inform Mothers about the business of professional football. USA Football is putting safety ahead and coaching moms about safety issues for younger kids, and what they need to look out for in a good coach, understanding that many decisions for younger players are taken by their mothers.

Games of all sorts

Kids, nowadays, get to football via actual play with friends and family, online games, and TV. An interest in online football games and teams might lead to a real interest in football over time. Watching a game with a stream of questions from my younger one got real hard. The following day at work, an office colleague told me about this app – Game Day Heroes – she downloaded to keep her kids occupied during a game. I downloaded it and both my wife and I played a few rounds. It did not seem addictive and we let our kids play on it. The younger one loved the games (Thank God I could watch the next game in peace!). Perhaps one day my wife and I will sit in a family viewing room to watch our son play football!

The football lover in me is completely enjoying the NFL buzz just about everywhere I go. It is certainly my most favorite time of the year!

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  1. namirusso says:

    The football phenomenon and the fans who propel it, have always puzzled me. People really do go nuts. I was amazed to find out from your post that there's an actual Football Player's Mothers Association?! Gotta love it.

    • George says:

      Thanks very much for reading my post. Yes, football fans can be rather intense.
      The PFPMA has a website where you can read a lot more about the activities they are involved in.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    Glad to see they are promoting player safety more for football players now of all levels.

    • George says:

      Thanks very much for reading the post Susan. Yes, safety is being given importance now and rightly so. Without the sportspeople, there is no sport for us to watch.

  3. Hi, I am here via Harleena’s tweet. Yes, yet another football season, my younger son Matt is a big far of thi sport. When not available he will be with his PS3. I will show this post to him. Have a good week ahead.

    • George says:

      Thanks very much for your comment. I am very happy to hear that you intend to share the article with your son. It's always heartening to hear that kids enjoy sport. I hope he plays it too.

  4. I'm a complete football freak! My Dad was a high school football coach at one point, so in my house you either loved football or moved out:) But I DO love it…and this is my favorite time of the year too! Go Pack!

  5. George says:

    I am happy a football fan enjoyed reading the guest post. Thank-you!
    Don't forget to enjoy the 'football food'!