Why Do You Blog?


Why do you blog?

I have been thinking a lot about that lately. Remember her… Geek Girl.

Geek Girl

When I started Blogging

I started blogging because I love to write. A blog seemed like a good outlet for that passion. I was not trying to gain an audience or become famous or make money from it. I did it purely for me. Then something happened. People found my blog and began to follow and comment on what I was writing. Well that changed the entire dynamic of what I was doing.

It was like stepping through the looking glass into a world with its own language and purpose. Words like branding and syndication and targeting and page rank sent my brain reeling. What had I started?

Changing Focus… Again

Those of you who follow this blog know that I have gone through many iterations with it. My focus keeps changing in order to satisfy my interests. The problem with that is that by focusing on one, two, or even three subjects it leaves the others wanting.


I began to look at some very successful bloggers to see how they handle these issues. What did I find? Some are very focused on a particular subject matter and do not stray from it. I also found some very high profile bloggers who write about everything under the sun.


Given the results of my research I am seriously considering going back to the original reason I started blogging, to write about anything that I choose to without limiting myself to particular topics.

When Google decided to penalize my blog taking it from a PR3 down to a PR2 I realized that all my hard work to follow the rules was for nothing. I decided that I should care more about what I think than what they think. I realize that my attitude will not bode well with some, but it really goes back to my reason for blogging in the first place.

I hope that this decision, should I decide to act on it, invites more variety and interest to Grandmother Diaries. What I do know is that it would allow me to write about anything I choose, the reason I began blogging in the first place. This reminds me a bit of ‘Back to the Future’. I am going back in order to save the future. OK that is a bit much, but I could not resist. LOL

I have many interests that include gardening, technology and writing among other things. However, I do not want to be limited to writing about only those subjects. Since I am the owner of this blog… well…

Until next time…

Geek Girl







Geek Grandma

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  1. JeriWB says:

    Each blogger is the captain of their own ship after all. If your goal is to write for the love of writing, by all means, go for an eclectic approach 🙂

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks for your support Jeri. 🙂

  2. jacquiegum says:

    I agree with Jeri…do your thing. I started to blog to draw attention to my style of writing in hopes that I could attract readers who would buy my book. End of story. That was my goal. Here's what happened…I did sell a few books, but fewer than I would have hoped. I DID make some unbelievable new friends and found content from other bloggers that I absolutely love…your's is among them. You've wakened the Gardner in me that I had lost when I no longer had a garden, but now I have yours! Tim takes me places I thought I'd never go, and Jon's stories have never been the genre of my choice yet I find myself waiting for the next one. I love his style. Susan makes me smile with her drawing and life lessons…and I've made recipes she has published and bought wine based on her suggestions! So I guess I'm trying to say that as my grandmother told me, there is a lid for every jar. You write good stuff. People will read it regardless of the topic…so write what ever pleases you:)

  3. Susan Cooper says:

    That's the good thing about having your own blog…that it's YOURS. And you can choose what you want to write about, and when and how often. I say go for it. Write what you love!

  4. patweber says:

    As you say, your blog is YOUR blog. If you can't have fun with it, why bother? Whether you choose one topic or 101, it's up to you. Keep blogging!

  5. I say do what you enjoy, otherwise there is no point to it at all. It seems we forget at times what the importance of the blog really is. It is a chance for the reader to experience the world through someone else's eyes. If you aren't showing us your world then you become just another blog.

    Personally, I would rather be a part of your world when I come here.

  6. I still blog because I love to write and teach. I want my blog to be a service for my students and others like them. I guess I just realized a long time ago that there are many things I know because of education level and experience that others do not know. I want to share those things.

  7. Agree completely that we should write about what we are interested in. Not for Google

    When I started blogging in 2009 to brand myself online, I asked myself what was special about me. The answer was, is, that I am truly international. Hence decided to write about any subject that would interest people, no matter where in the world they live. Natuarally I focus on issues that I have knowledge about and am interested in, such as international relations, business, leadership and communication.

  8. Hi Cheryl: the key is that you're not writing your blog as a business or trying to make money from it. You're writing it because you enjoy it and are interested in establishing real relationships with your readers. Continue on that pathnd your satisfaction level from your blogging will continue to be high. To heck with the rankings!

  9. Beauty Along the Road says:

    Your blog is your vehicle for self-expression, so do as you please. You are the Queen of your domain 🙂 Thanks for visiting and following Beauty Along the Road.