5 Android Apps for Seniors


5 Android Apps for Seniors

It is a common tendency to associate technology, especially mobile devices, with younger generations. However, the younger generations are not the only group attracted to the potential of smartphones and tablets. As different mobile and web apps enable easy and cheap communication and improve almost all the other aspects of our everyday lives, it is no wonder that even seniors readily adopt new technologies. Seniors love using smartphones and are ready to explore different apps that can simplify their everyday lives. Here are 5 Android apps recommended for seniors:


Skype technology has significantly changed most of our everyday and professional habits by enabling limitless free calls across all parts of the globe. It has no longer necessary to pay for long-distance calls when your contact is just a couple of clicks away with Skype. This is why everyone, including seniors, love this app. It enables them to communicate with their relatives, however far away they may be. The app’s simplicity doesn’t require users to be technology savvy to use it, another reason why so many grandparents enjoy having it installed on their Android devices.

Camera Phone


The CNN free Android app invites users to “open up to the world” and stay in touch with the latest news even if they’re on the go. Active seniors can now easily read the latest news, listen to the CNN radio or watch live videos. The CNN app enables users to set breaking news notifications, so they never miss the most important stories. This is an excellent solution for anyone on the go.

Rescue Me!

Rescue Me! is a particularly handy app for anyone forced to spend some time alone in an unknown or insecure place. Rescue Me! enables users to set up automatic messages to send for help in the future. The message could be sent to different phone numbers or email addresses and can be configured to include location as well. During the send the app asks you whether you’d like to cancel the message and, in case you’re unable to do it, the app will send the help message to the previously set address. Rescue Me! can help seniors feel more secure if they live on their own.

iTriage Health

The app, created by two doctors, can help seniors find the answers to all their health-related questions. It is easy to install and use. iTriage helps you browse symptoms, diseases, and medicines. It also enables you to get easy access to any doctor or physician. With this app you can also find the nearest Emergency room or hospital.

Magnifying Glass with Light

As we age it is normal that our eyesight becomes less reliable. With the magnifying glass app for Android, you don’t have to carry your glasses around all the time. This app enables you to magnify and add extra light to any item you can’t properly see by using the phone’s camera. This way you can easily read restaurant menus, or pieces of news, even if your glasses are not right at hand.


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  1. I don't use an Android, but I do love Skype, and I love my iPad. Being able to read a backlit book is a really wonderful tool for those of us with aging eyes.

  2. JeriWB says:

    Skype really is simple. I only wish my parents were part of the computer age, but no. My cousin uses it all the time to talk to my aunt and uncle via Ipad.

  3. Jane says:

    Incredible. Didn`t know about Magnifying glass, very helpful and useful article. Thank you so much, Leana!