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I thought you might be interested in the outcome of this little experiment. Although it was a nice idea the outcome fell short. The problem? I had the TaterPot outside in my garden. We have had enough rain that the soil in the pot never dried out. The result: rotting potato seed. The pot appeared as though it should drain well, but that was not the case. Perhaps under different conditions it may have turned out differently.

Conclusion : If I want to grow potatoes, I will plant them the old fashioned way – directly in the ground.


The TaterPot is probably not what you are thinking. I was in the gardening department of Walmart, yes Walmart, and this product caught my eye.

Tater Pot


I was standing there looking at it when another lady commented on it. We both thought the same thing: Cool idea if it works. I decided that for $13 it was worth an experiment.

Tater Pot Simple


It’s a pot within a pot. It allows you to harvest before it’s harvesting time. What’s in the box?

Tater Pot Included


You get 3 types of seed potatoes: Red, White and Gold. You get the pot system and 2 bags of Peat Moss.

Now this product is intended for those looking to grow potatoes on their patio or porch or whatever. Since I am planning to do mostly raised bed gardening, this product should fit right in.

Have you ever seen this product before or anything like it? Have you used anything like this? How did things work out?

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  1. Susan Cooper says:

    This look like it would fun to try. If it works, that would be even cooler yet. Keep us posted. 🙂

  2. I haven't heard of this product before, Cheryl. What will they think of next? We're not big potato eaters, so I'd rather grown herbs on my decks, but I'm sure it will appeal to a lot of apartment and condo dwellers who still want to get their hands in a bit of mud and harvest a 'crop.'

  3. JeriWB says:

    Nope, I hadn't heard of this until now, but I most certainly want one. We haven't grown potatoes yet, and a container would be a fun way to give it a go.

    • JeriWB says:

      The three tomato plants I planted this year didn't do so well. All the blossoms fell off for some reason. I still have yet to give potatoes a try.

  4. jacquiegum says:

    Never have seen this…but I'd love to try growing my own potatoes. Though it sounds as if it didn't really work, drainage being the problem? Mybe if you drug the thing around so it didn't get so much water? Too bad! It looks cool for a condo dweller like me:)

  5. Have neither seen nor heard about the tater pot. But now know that it's not a good idea because it can't handle heavy rains. At the moment it's raining cats and dogs. So much I almost feel I'm in the tropics.

  6. patweber says:

    Well your findings leave me out if I do come across it – I occasionally go to Walmart. It looks like a terrific idea so it's too bad it didn't work out.

  7. Haven't seen this one yet. The one we see similar to this is a hanging strawberry planter. Potatoes is one we haven't worked with yet. I am considering trying to sprout some from old potatoes in a future planting year.

    We are still in the process of figuring out what is worth our time to plant and such. This year the monster has been the pumpkin plant, the thing has taken over. Not sure we will do that one next year.