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With Christmas just around the corner you may find yourself trying to navigate shopping malls you are not familiar with. You guessed it. There’s an app for that! OK There is more than one app, but I am going to ‘point’ you towards ‘Point Inside’. Yeah, I know. That was a groaner…

Need an Escalator

This app has over 1,250 malls listed. The thing I like about this app is they way they show you not only where the shops are located within a mall, but also where the restrooms, ATMs, food, and even the escalators are located.

Layout of the Mall and brief description of the Shop you select.


Need an ATM?

Need an ATM

Need a Bathroom?

Closest Bathroom

Where is the Escalator?

Need an Escalator

This app was featured in the NY Times, USA Today, Gizmodo, CNET, PC Magazine, LA Times, BNET, GPD World, Technorati, TNooz, Gadling, and the list just goes on. I am guessing this means that I am not the only one who likes this app.

This app also meets an important requirement for me. It’s free!

Android users can get your free app here. iPhone users start here.

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  1. findingourwaynow says:

    I am loving this. My husband will especially love this because be can never find the store he is looking for and often gets lost in a mall, no matter the size… LOL

    • Geek Girl says:

      yeah, mine gets turns around really easily as well. Handy app… 🙂

  2. JeriWB says:

    Genius! Considering how I tend to get so turned around. Thanks for sharing. I most definitely will give this one a try.

  3. Geek Girl says:

    yeah, I thought it would be perfect for those doing holiday shopping. Then later it can be used anytime just to find that elusive restroom or ATM.

  4. Now this one is a keeper! Thanks Cheryl.