Motivational Monday – 12/17


“Remember the past, live in the present, hope for the future.”

It’s difficult to write this post today. I have tried to write it many times. Each time I try to find the words they fail me. Then it occurred to me that there really are no words. There is nothing can I say in the aftermath of the Connecticut tragedy that even comes close to being motivational or inspirational. I can only offer my thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Are you and A.K. coordinating your posts?;.)

    What happened in Connecticut is horrendous Cheryl. But the reason the U.S. keeps experiencing such shootings is because of how easy it is to buy guns. The homicide rate is five times higher than in France and U.S. gun-related deaths are 16 times more frequent than in Germany.

    In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that people have a right to have a gun for self-defense. In this context, it’s not likely that the Americans will want to change their Constitution.

    It is possible, though, to limit and impede the purchasing process. But for that there needs to be a political will, which is absent. The mighty National Rifle Association – touting the Second Amendment and a kind of pioneer hunting tradition – is against any gun control. Its ever efficient lobbying and powerful financial resources are a deterrent for any politician. Their favorite saying is that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people…” Yes, but unarmed people kill less often, with fewer victims.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    Words cannot express the deep sadness this has caused. I am still having trouble with the why of it… Sad Sigh!

  3. Susan Oakes says:

    This and all the other mass shootings I can't comprehend especially innocent children. The sadness of this went around the world.

  4. Patricia Weber says:

    It's senseless. Our government leaders do need to address this with certain weapon control, better mental health care and even having schools legally armed. I heard – again today – that the principle tried to run and ram into the shooter. Imagine if SHE had a weapon that she knew how to use and could do so in self-defense. The tragedy is enormous.

  5. Dan Meyers says:

    It's really one of those things that we'll never be able to understand… what would push/allow someone to do this. Hope is good… but some things definitely need to change and I hope we finally reached the tipping point.

  6. namirusso says:

    Absolutely. Gives a whole new meaning, feeling and power to "silence is golden".

  7. Definitely a hard post for the day. In light of what's happened, keeping hope for the future is tough, but I'm hopeful that the only good that can come out of such an awful thing is that gun laws will be tightened. Even moderate laws would go a long way. But in the present, that's little comfort for the poor families of Newtown.

  8. JeriWB says:

    It's definitely a lot to process, but maybe, just maybe this will be the time that changes to gun control laws finally start to take place.

  9. Leora says:

    I can understand why you would have a hard time posting. I find the politics that so quickly ensued to be upsetting as well … the more I read, the more I say, no easy answers.