One Blog To Rule Them All


One Blog To Rule Them All

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Sounds like a science fiction movie, doesn’t it?

What do you get when a Geek becomes a Grandmother who also loves to write? A trifecta of blogs of course!

Many moons ago before Geek Girl was a grandmother there was the Geek Girl USA blog. Then Geek Girl became a grandmother and Grandmother Diaries made its debut. And last, but not least, Geek Girl then decided to share her wealth of software training and book publishing knowledge with others and Geek Girl Today was created. Three blogs with different purposes should be able to find a way to ‘play well together’, right? We agree.

With that goal in mind we have merged all of Geek Girl USA blog posts in to the Grandmother Diaries blog. Yes. That’s right. One blog for all those things you love. One blog. One subscription. One email. Whew…

Geek Girl Today will remain as is for the moment. We will proved links to the site from this one until we get all of that business stuff sorted out.

You will also notice that we have created a Zazzle Store on Grandmother Diaries so you can proudly display your support for our site. We are in the process of creating products. To get us started we have a cup you can purchase for your favorite beverage!

Finally, there will be a site theme change. It will be something that embraces both the Geek and the Grandmother.

We appreciate your patience as we make these changes. 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth Scott says:

    I am so excited for you Cheryl. You have so much going on and I can not wait to see the changes. So glad I can be witness to your excellence. 🙂

  2. graceyb says:

    I look forward to reading your "merged" blog and learning some grandmotherly advise as well as some more geek tips!