LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill: Healthy Walking


LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill: Healthy Walking

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Most of you already know that I fall into the ‘Boomer’ category when it comes to my age. As each year passes by I become more aware of the things I need to do to stay active and healthy. I want to age well.

Before we moved into this house we lived in a very ‘cozy’ house. There was barely enough room for the essentials much less anything else. The house we live in now gives us considerable breathing room by comparison. This house has an unfinished basement that we plan to finish into at least 3 rooms.

Where is all of this going? I am a walker. However, I find that walking in less than ideal weather is not something I care to do. That means I do not get to walk on a regular basis. I also do not care to use a fitness center. I am much too inhibited. I know. I am finicky. Because our new house has this lovely large basement that will one day be a finished basement I actually have room for a treadmill.

LifeSpan TR200

In steps my new treadmill. I purchased this LifeSpan TR200 from Amazon for several reasons:

  • It has a small footprint
  • It comes already assembled
  • It can be stored upright in a closet or slide underneath a bed

Before I purchased this treadmill I did my research. I research everything before I make a purchase. This one met all my requirements. I did not have to spend any time with assembly. That is a huge bonus for me. It is made for walking. I don’t need a treadmill you can run on, although I could. I am a walker. Running is not my thing. I can adjust speed and incline through the console and not have to manually adjust anything like so many other treadmills require. It also stores easily either vertically or horizontally.

Per Amazon:

  • Fully assembled treadmill that folds compactly and fits under bed or in closet
  • Blue LCD console tracks your time, calories, distance, steps, speed, and incline
  • Quick-start speed and incline buttons; 3 speed and 3 incline programs
  • Built-in speakers and headphone port; contact heart rate grips
  • Measures 30.5 x 51.5 x 60.5 inches (W x H x D); lifetime frame warranty
  • 2010 Treadmill Doctor “Best Buy” Award Winner; 2010 Fitness Professor “Best Treadmill Under $1,000” Award Winner
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LifeSpan TR200 Console LifeSpan TR200 Folded Upright

Investment in Health

As someone who has some physical issues beginning to appear I view this purchase as an investment in my health. I am in a constant battle with cholesterol. It is genetic for me. Exercise is a good way to help keep it under control. I also have arthritis beginning to make an appearance. You have to keep moving to keep it under control. Walking is heart healthy, too.

Although I have only had this treadmill for a few days I can say that I am pleased with it so far. It does everything I want it to.

If you are thinking about making a treadmill purchase for yourself, you will want to purchase a mat for it to sit on and the silicone for the belt maintenance. The mat protects your floors.

Do you have a treadmill? Do you use a fitness center?

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  1. I think I would use a treadmill more than the equipment we do have (that I don't use).

  2. I'd love to get one of these for mom and I. She walks a lot more than I am willing but being able to do it at home would be a great improvement.

  3. jacquiegum says:

    I used to have a treadmill when I lived in Milwukee WI. Rarely was the weather outside fit to walk and although I joined the gym, the treadmills were always taken! I loved having it at home! But this is a much nicer model than was available to me then. I used mine every day nd I think you will too:) Looks wonderful!

  4. Tim says:

    That is a pretty sweet looking treadmill as far as treadmills go. All the best to you and a wise investment for sure.

  5. JeriWB says:

    I had a treadmill for about a year and a half. Ultimately, I discovered I prefer running outside so long as the temp isn't too far below freezing. Running on a treadmill was okay, but I just like being outside. I can see though how it's great to have one for walking. If I had kept mine, I wanted to add a makeshift standing desk. Luckily, Costco took it back due to their generous return policy.One cool feature of mine was its ability to lead running routes from maps all over the planet.

  6. Have to admit I frankly don't like treadmills for the simple reason that you don't get anywhere. Just standing on the same spot and getting nowhere is not my cup of tea. Love walking but do it outside which also makes me clear my mind and come up with new ideas.

  7. patweber says:

    Happy treading! This one looks pretty darn cool Cheryl. We've had a treadmill and now have an elliptical. Either is perfect for when the outdoors is just NOT calling my name.

    Have you had the VAP profile? I used to think my cholesterol was hereditary, on my maternal side. Turns out not so. And for me anyway, losing 17 pounds brought it down from 220 to 170. VAP tells you so many things about cholesterol beyond HDL and LDL.

  8. Anne-Marie says:

    I'd love to have a walking treadmill and a treadmill desk.

  9. Looks like a good one Cheryl. Unfortunately I can't walk more than a few blocks, so it would be lost on me. I'd rather be outside for the limited amount of walking I can do. Great for people who live in bitter winter climates too.

  10. Ken Dowell says:

    I don't use a gym or a treadmill. I walk, once or twice a day with my dog, for about a mile or two. And I bike maybe 4-5 miles a day for most days. I don't bike in bad weather but since the dog still needs to go out we take our walks no matter what.

  11. susan cooper says:

    Hi Cheryl,my first thought was if it’s stored under the bed, it will be one of those out of site out of mind things or else I’ll feel to lazy to drag it out. Plus how am i going to hang my clothes all over it if it’s flat under the bed? Haha! But seriously, I’m more of an outdoor go for a walk kind of person.

  12. lenie5860 says:

    The last time I walked on a treadmill I took 3 steps and passed out. Fortunately I was in a doctor's office at the time and he caught me. However, my brother-in-law has just had a kidney transplant and he walks on his treadmill every day for half an hour and this helps with his breathing. So for most people I think a treadmill would be a great investment for health and yours looks like just the thing.

  13. This treadmill looks like a winner. We've got an old one that takes up so much room, we had to move it into the garage when we downsized to a smaller home. And of course … it doesn't get used out there, so it's pretty useless to us now. I'm concerned about the environmental impact of ditching it, as it's a huge amount of material that may or may not get reused.

  14. andleebakhlaqkhan says:

    I do not have treadmill at home, but I walk a lot on it in the gym. The treadmill you have show, seems to have almost same features that the treadmill in gym has.
    It is always great to walk on treadmill when you do not feel like going outside. When ever I am free I go and enjoy my walk on treadmill.

    thank you for share.

  15. Cheryl — as I live in an apartment, I would find this treadmill to be ideal because you can store it. I did have a full-size treadmill in my former apartment, but when I moved there was no place to put it. Thanks for the recommenation.

  16. emfoodcoach says:

    I used to wish I could have a treadmill in my home. In retrospect, I guess that is funny as I live in sunny Los Angeles and I'm always outside walking. Needless to say, the flip side to living in Los Angeles is that my apartment is tiny and there is nowhere to put a treadmill, even if it folds up when your done. I'm glad you got the one you really wanted and now you have any easy way to stay on track with your health goals!

  17. The treadmill and I don't do well together. I've tried using one in the past. I pushed myself too hard by increasing the incline and wound up hurting my knees. For some reason, I get distracted while walking on a treadmill and lose my footing then I fall off. I'm a mess. I've seen people at the gym reading and talking on their cell phones while running on the machines. I have no idea how they manage that one. So for now, I'm sticking with Yoga, which has saved me from having to undergo back surgery. Yoga has transformed my body, mind, and soul.
    I guess it's my perfect treadmill.

  18. Beth Niebuhr says:

    I do use my stationary bike but have thought about adding a treadmill. Good to see that you like this one, and I will keep it in mind.

  19. Rose M Griffith says:

    Bravo for getting the treadmill! I'm way too uncoordinated to use one. 🙂 We've had an elliptical for four years (a NordicTrack) and I'm ecstatic to have progressed to a resistance of #12–it maxes out at 16. So best of luck using this when the weather keeps you indoors!