Herbs For Health: Evening Primrose Oil


Herbs For Health: Evening Primrose Oil

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Latin name Oenothera biennis

Historically this plant was used by many Native Americans in preparations to treat bruises and wounds. Per The Complete Herbal website: “In England, during the 17th century, this herb was called the “King’s cure-all” by herbalists, and it was considered a panacea for treating most ailments.”

Today it is used in many beauty products because it is so good for your skin. It is used both externally and internally. This herb is known for gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). an essential fatty acid that the body does not manufacture, and linoleic acid (LA).

Per Dr Andrew Weil website: “GLA is an effective anti-inflammatory agent with none of the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. It also promotes healthy growth of skin, hair, and nails.”

It takes 6 – 8 weeks to see the results of using this oil. Evening Primrose Oil may help alleviate breast pain and cramps for women suffering from PMS. Many women have seen these symptoms lessen or disappear altogether with continued use.

As always, it is best to check with your health care professional before making changes to your heath regimen.

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  1. patweber says:

    There was somewhere else I JUST heard about this. By chance does it help with arthritis? Thanks Cheryl!

  2. JeriWB says:

    I would be willing to try this for anti-inflammatory efforts. I've dealt with mild arthritis since my late 20s.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Jeri and Pat. I have arthritis in my thumbs from factory work and cook. There are times I would love something to help soothe the pain.

  4. Great information my friend. I love learning about a more natural approach to medicine. 🙂

  5. Personally started using Evening Primrose Oil when I was in my teens and can vouch for it. It sure works against PMS.