Your Role As Adoptive Grandparents


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Your Role As Adoptive Grandparents

The role of grandparents is one that comes naturally to most of us. Becoming a grandparent always presents a new challenge, and one that sees love and expectation combine to offer support and assistance for the new parents. Adoptive grandparents are no different, and their role in an alternative family structure can be equally important to the life of an adopted child. Whether the adopted child will be your first or your next grandchild, it is important that you support the family and their arrangements as they move through the adoption process.

One of the greatest pleasures of any grandparent is spending time with their grandchildren. You can share life experiences, knowledge and values with them. Studies have shown that having more involved grandparents can lead to improved academic results, which in turn has a direct impact on their future. The same is true of both adopted children and those by birth. Adoptive grandparents should not shy away from opportunities to help, at least in part, raise the family’s adopted child.

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A large part of growing up is the result of your experiences. Grandparents can contribute their time by taking their adopted grandchildren out for woodland walks, or for trips to a local museum. or any number of other activities. Grandparents can have a positive impact on the education and development of their grandchildren. Showing an active interest in spending time with a child can help them develop and thrive. The transformation made possible by good adoptive grandparents can be significant. Any enriching experience grandparents can provide will no doubt have a positive impact.

Aside from the personal elements of being an involved adoptive grandparent, there are also ways you can help in a more direct and tangible way. Financial support is often an issue with adoptive families. Providing support, even in subtle ways like buying clothes or looking after the grandchildren, can make life easier for the parents financially. Everyone will benefit from a mutually supportive environment.

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Adoption is all about giving a child the family they don’t already have. In this sense, it is important to put our best foot forward and provide good childhood experiences – even if you are one step removed, as in the case of grandparents. With the help of an adoption agency, grandparents can play an active role in the process of adoption, supporting the family throughout each application stage and beyond.

Grandparents are truly a blessing no matter how they became grandparents.

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  1. Jeannette Paladino says:

    Sherryl — I am a step-grandmother and, as you say in your last line, it doesn't matter how you become a grandparent. I couldn't love my grandson anymore than I do. He's a wonderful young man. I've watched him grow and been an integral part of his life. I basically didn't have grandparents, so I missed that wonderful experience. So I'm trying to give him what all grandparents do — unconditional love.

  2. JeriWB says:

    Families come in so many shapes and forms these days, that we can all benefit from a reminder that we should extend unconditional love to all of those who cross our path.

  3. becc03 says:

    I dont think it matters how the child arrives into your life. Treating them like your own would seem to me to be the natural thing to do. Even though the Grandparents didn't make that choice, supporting and accepting them into their life would help to build any child's self esteem.