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It’s Halloween and I could not resist!

Witches Brew

Per Amazon – “Witches’ Brew offers action-packed Halloween fun for the whole family. In this game, you’ll help the funniest witch you have ever seen collect the correct ingredients for her spells. But make sure you avoid touching the mushroom and the voodoo doll while you master all the potions. Witches’ Brew includes a physics-enabled collision system, a cinematic soundtrack, funny animations, HD graphics, easy tilt control gameplay, two difficulty settings, 100 levels….that’s one witchin’ app!”

This is obviously for Android users. If you have children, you might want to grab this app for some family fun. You can get yours here.

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  1. JeriWB says:

    How cute! Makes me want to go see what Halloween fun stuff I can download for my iPhone.

  2. namirusso says:

    Sounds interesting – definitely appealing to the science inspired explorer!

    • Geek Girl says:

      Except for the fact that you need an Android for this app. 🙂