Willie Stewart: Author Interview


Willie Stewart: Author Interview

Meet Willie Stewart

Willie Stewart

What is the title or working title of your current book?



The title is taRNished. I started out with a title of prolific killer but since I am a Registered Nurse for the last 14 years I wanted to play on the initials RN. I love the show HawthoRNe with Jada Pinkett-Smith and that is where the concept came from.

Please provide us with a brief synopsis of your of your book.

Dale Wilson starts his career as a RN by accidentally killing a patient, and the rush he gets from the act wets his appetite for more. Not only that, but his mother (Isabel), a nursing assistant, joins him in these acts at the same hospital in an effort to protect him from getting caught. Dale falls in love with a Respiratory Therapist and starts to show her more attention than his mother. Mom becomes jealous and believes that the girlfriend is up to no good and sets out to get rid of her. Of course this puts Dale and mom at odds. Will mothers love trump the new love in his life or will someone lose big?

What genre does your current book fall under?

taRNished is a stand alone novel that falls under the genre of Medical Thriller. A sequel is being developed along with a TV pilot that is written already. Even though the TV pilot is based on the book, it would probably be classified as Drama because it is akin to Showtime cable TV’s Dexter meets cable TV’s Nurse Jackie which are both drama’s.

Do you always write for the same genre?

This is my first undertaking doing a novel, but I have written a movie script and co-written a comic book, along with the TV pilot based on taRNished. So, I guess the answer to that would be no. I played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid so I have a vastly wild imagination and story ideas always pop up. I really wish I could do it as a sustaining full time job, but Nursing pays the bills.

Who or What motivates or inspires you to write?

First and foremost, my wife of 24 years, Shannon Stewart inspires me and motivates me to write. I remember when she went blind (before her vision came back) I wrote my first song called “He took away her sight so I could see.” I had long before fancied myself an able writer but was never motivated to try to take it to the next level. My daughter Briana is an excellent writer but had that same lack of motivation so I wanted to try to motivate her by pushing forward with my own projects. Lastly, my grandson William Stewart motivates me. I have two other grand kids but William lives with me and got one of the worst starts in life a kid could have and the lord blessed us to be in a position to be able to step in and make a difference. He started out developmentally delayed through neglect but you can’t see that now for the most part. I am determined to make sure he has a great life because he was my first grandchild and he is my namesake.

Tell us about your writing background.

Professionally it has consisted of writing press releases and a few articles here and there dealing with the music industry because I have a record label and publishing company (2MCH4YA – pronounced too much for ya). I learn on the fly. My grandmother called me a jack of all trades and I try to live that. I write what feels good and try to stick with some convention so that it is professionally acceptable and then I hire people (editors) to help me polish it. Usually only takes me one time to figure out the formula on what works once someone shows it to me.

How long does it typically take you to write a first draft?

I don’t know that I do it that way. I guess a draft is when you have completed something and you go back and revise it. If that is correct I have never written a first draft in that sense. For taRNished, I took three months to develop the two lead characters. I gave them mental health diagnoses and kept a diary of dialogue between me and the characters. Just regular everyday stuff that helped me flesh them out so they felt real. By the time I finished I had some story arcs already developed. It was an intense process keeping all that inside and trying to genuinely develop an internal dialogue with them. By doing that I think I can connect with regular everyday people a lot easier in my writing. I tested the theory on co-workers and let them read some character sheets (kind of like Dungeons and Dragons on steroids). I had some male coworkers who don’t like to read who couldn’t put them down and it was the same way with the chapters. So, when I started the chapters I only wrote when the urge hit me and then I started and didn’t stop until finished because the dialogue felt like it was always there. I would take breaks away from working on the novel and work on the TV pilot or the comic book or the movie script…..always keeping my mind fresh with something that stimulated this process, but I always moved forward and never looked back. Doing it this way I had to trust my editor to make sure I didn’t slip up on story elements or arcs and keeping things in the right voice etc. For the most part, I nailed it. So no time frame on a first draft because I just don’t write that way.

Do you employ an editor to assist you in your writing process?

I call him an editor but I don’t know that it is an official title. He was a consultant who advised me and taught me as I took this journey and I paid him for his services and those services sometimes went beyond just simple editing. He taught me the proper way to put together a TV pilot. We took my rough idea and episode along with the characters I developed and co-wrote the TV pilot. So, I don’t employ an editor in that sense.

Are you self published or represented by an agency?

I am self publishing taRNished through my own imprint, 2MCH4YA Publishing. My paperback book is on sale for preorders on Amazon, there will be a kindle version on the release date. I have it on Barnes and Noble for Nook Bookers to pre-order. I have it in the Apple I-Book store for iPads and iPods and it will soon be in the KOBO store for all other tablets all for preorder prior to my March 1st release date. At that point it will be everywhere else.

Do you have future projects we can look forward to?

I developed and co-wrote a comic book called D.I.V.A. Team. Diva stands for Dissociative Identity Villain Acquisition. The lead character is loosely based on my oldest daughter and her music career. The parents thought the child had multiple personality and it was really her power manifesting into four distinct beings that each has it’s own power and personality. My oldest daughter is William’s mom so I am thinking about writing him into the comic. I have written a movie script based on the comic book as well. In addition, I have slowly started toying with character development for taRNished 2 and fully co-written the TV pilot for taRNished based on the book. Like I alluded to earlier, you have to just get on board because this train keeps moving and lots of great things are coming down the pipe…..and we haven’t even discussed music but that is always waiting in the background as well.

Do you have tips or advice to offer fellow writers?

You have to back determination up with maximum effort and be satisfied with no result. If you can make yourself stomach that then you will love what you do and your efforts won’t be in vain. If you are looking for the golden ticket then stop. You suck the life out of your works and people see right through that and won’t support it. If your passion is on display then you will find support. Also, you have to be more than just a writer to succeed. You have to be a blogger, a promoter, a fan of others, a sponge so you can soak the world in and a megaphone so you can spit it back out. Being heard about other things will eventually get your writing heard by people who are listening who might not otherwise be listening specifically for your writing. In other words…..get in the relationship building game.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your potential readers?

Well, I may not ever have a bigger forum than this so I will take advantage of it right here and now. If you read my book know that I bring a passion to it that is unexplainable. Know that my wife and soul mate for the last 24 years is my inspiration and I do it for her. If you are a fan of love infused into works in this world…then I am the author for you. I love me some Shannon Eureka Stewart and it is because of her that you now have a world class novel before you.

Tell us how we can connect with you in the world of social.

I’ll do you one better and you pick any you want to list. A marketing guy blogged about my press release and said I am doing something that hasn’t been done before. I have integrated my lead character into social media, so on any given day you might connect with either me or Dale, RN in the following manner:

Social Media integration of Dale, RN:








http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/334043-tarnished – excerpt








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  1. Thanks so much for the interview. I hope this gives friends, family, co-workers and others a lot of insight into who I am and why I am on a mission to defy the odds as an indie author.

    • This is Dale, RN and if you defy any odds, it will only be because you are revealing private details of my life in a book. Have you no shame. Have I no rights or privacy as an imaginary person? I will surely be looking into this. Until then, carry on.

  2. JeriWB says:

    Medical thrillers have always intrigued me and it definitely seems like Dale is on the ball in getting this writing game on. I'll be on the lookout for the book as well as his online presence. Great interview.

    • I know it can be confusing but the writer is me….Willie Stewart. Dale, RN is the fictional lead charcter that I have integrated into social media. I do a bit of role playing but I really try to give him his own personality and flaws as I discussed in the interview. Google (Willie Stewart tarnished) or (tarnished novel Dale) and you will be well on your way to finding all things related to this book release.

  3. So, it will be a medical thriller. I can still feel that it`s going to be another good medical thriller. Looking forward to read this book ASAP.

  4. @JerinMK1 says:

    It`s great to know about author before reading any book. Well interviewed Cheryl. I`ll read this book for sure.

  5. @Jessilollz says:

    I just saw a tweet from one of my twitter friend talking about this book. When I saw it`s a medical thriller I couldn`t stop myself reading this interview. I hope it will be good enough to read.

  6. @SirAlexNm says:

    Willie is getting a lot of impression…I`m impressed too. So, will taRNished be available in amazon kindle store?

    • Yes SirAlexNm it will be on Kindle March 1st. Unfortunately Kindle doesn't support preorders. But if you want to preorder for Nook or Ipad/Ipod you can type my name Willie Stewart in the store

  7. @Rimilara says:

    As I`m a huge fan of Dexter. I`ve always wanted to get more books or TV series in this genre. Well, I think I found another one. But still a long time to wait 🙁

  8. Great interview! It provides all information to the potential readers. Anybody can have a quick look about the author and the book itself. Looking forward to have a copy of taRNished.

    • Thanks JalatanMilka. You can preorder on Amazon Barnes and Nobel or Itunes by just searching for my name. Hope you enjoy it. Willie Stewart

  9. @DaisyRicher says:

    I have to wait till March for the 1st release…? Oh god, why this not twilight series?

  10. @KettyJonson says:

    I never read any book written by Willie Stewart. I don`t know how it`s gonna be. But I can see a lot of people are interested. So, why not me?

  11. Can you tell me please what is the releasing date? I just want to be sure cause there are no such information about it.

    • Yes BritaniaLarry The release day is March 1st but I purposely don't put the release date out front because I want to create a sense of urgency for preordering WHILE THE BOOK IS ON SALE.. I do this in hopes of discouraging people from waiting till the last minute, and it has been working. Loyts of preorders so far. Have you preordered yet? Amazon for paperback, Barnes and Nobel for Nook, Itunes/Apple for Ipads/Ipods. Just type my name Willie Stewart. I don't want to link to a store but it should be easy to find me.

  12. @LaxyDel says:

    I want to be writer myself. I love thriller genres and I wrote some short stories. Anyways, I would love to read your book and I`m sure I could be able to learn a lot from you. Thanks!

    • Thanks LaxyDel. One day I may write a book about my unique marketing attempts and make it free. Thanks for that inspiration.

  13. A.K.Andrew says:

    Fantastic interview. The author really engaged with his audience. I'm a big fan of both Dexter & Nurse Jackie so it instantly struck a chord. I also loved how Willie has his lead character out there in the SM world as a character. Thanks Cheryl & Willie:-)

    • Thank you Andrew for engaging with me. You will not be disappointed. I've written a tv pilot based on the book and I have some connections so fingers crossed and if the book taRNished does well I might get an investor for the show and become your next favorite tv show. I think I am the FIRST to wholly integrate a lead character into social media and I also try to grow the audience by engaging people who might not otherwise pick up a book by having a rap video for my book, http://youtu.be/6FbkvQGQ9bU

  14. Interesting author interview, Cheryl. I can really relate to Willie's story, as it is my passion that drives my work as well. I think like he says … if you can just get people to read your work, they are likely to like it! Thx for sharing.

    • Hi Doreen. You are so right. I think outside the box and find new and unique ways to engage. People who might not otherwise pick up a book find it intriguing that I have a rap video for my book, http://youtu.be/6FbkvQGQ9bU

  15. What a challenge that must have been for you and your wife. I love the way you dealt with it through your song and then your writing. It seemed to propel you on the aid your daughter and others.

    The hard part is getting people to read your work. Once you gain an audience, it's pretty amazing what happens next. I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

    • Thanks Susan. It hasn't been all that hard for me. I continually find unique ways to engage and they start coming. I am slowly moving to a bigger scale of people with my marketing team and querying local media to build a larger following. Getting to know people here helps. I think I am the FIRST to integrate a character into social media and I am taking book marketing to a new level by being THE FIRST to have a rap video for my book. It's fun to be FIRST. lol http://youtu.be/6FbkvQGQ9bU

  16. I wish you the best. Should be a great read.

  17. Dan Meyers_BREAK FREE says:

    I really enjoyed what motivates him along with his advice to others… especially the part about the ability to be ok with "no results" when you work so hard. Indeed, it may seem like no results at times, but of course there are always little things happening along the way that lead up to bigger things later.

    • You are correct Dan Meyers. What I hoped was received in that message was to do it for the love of doing it because the only result you may get is creating a masterpiece that only you and a few friends get to enjoy. If you approach a craft with that mindset you get to have fun well into old age and not be frustrated and if a little success and fame interrupts that….then hey….we have a party!

      My family and more specifically my wife really truly does motivate me. I am going to be doing a personal story about that on another blog soon so I will come back here to post the link for you to learn a bit more about what got me to this stage of acceptance and self actualization.

      Thanks for your support. Don't forget to pre-order tarnished while it's discounted by typing my name – Willie Stewart – in Amazon for paperback, Barnes and Nobel for the Nook, and the i-book store for Ipads and Ipods.

  18. Charla Booth says:

    Truly one of the best interviews I’ve ever read. Your personal style of creatibg your works and your commitment to your craft is incredible. As a aspiring writer myself, I believe you have given me the most poignant honest advice I have ever received. This is going to be one of the most powerful series on the shelf and on the screen. Kudos and best wishes on your impending success. You are the whole package!

    • Why Thank you Charla Booth. I am humbled by your estimable comments. I hope you don't mind me quoting them. I hope for you to continue following blog posts because I give personal anecdotes in some future ones coming up. Anything I can do to help just let me know and I will see what I can do.

  19. Great interview Cheryl. Willie seems like a talented writer and should attract readers. Personally love thrillers but have noticed I don't sleep well if it's something too close to what could happen to any of us. So being in hospital and killed by a nurse who gets a kick out of killing probably would have a detrimental effect on my sleep:-)

    • Ah Catarinaalexon, but look at the flip side. You would sleep well now knowing that these things go on and were going on when you were nescient to these happenings. Although my book is for entertainment, the greater mission being accomplished is to increase cognizance of ills in the system because it is getting worse with the advent of OBAMACARE. Shortstaffing, Overworked, Overtasked, aging work force is not equipped for the high influx of new patients coming into the system. That is a whole other debate. My point is these individuals that have MALIGNANT CAPACITY in healing hands exist and it will be easier for them to fly under the radar in the coming system if the populace is not made aware. I make them aware through entertainment which seems to be the medium that people pay attention to more. http://www.tarnished-novel.com/blog/is-it-safe-to

  20. Vercena Stewart says:

    I am blessed to be the mother of this prolific author- my oldest and only son Willie Stewart. The interview was excellent and I read all of the above responses and I am amazed at the comments and very proud to know my son is touching the lives of so many people. I believe that this will be a best seller. This book will make us be more aware of the healthcare issues that are prevalent today. I wish him much success in all that he sets his hands to do. I am looking forward to the tv pilot. Proud mom Dr. Vercena Dungy Stewart.

  21. Now here they go coming out of the woodworks. First they say they are your mom and then I'm on Maury….YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! Just kidding. Thanks for the kind words mother. I can get a bit long winded but I love interacting with people. I think I get that from you and might be why I am a Registered Nurse. The book is a catalyst to what I hope will be something bigger. However, as long as I help people that is all that matters. Send more people to check out the interview. They were very gracious in interviewing and featuring me.