Website & Blog Visibility: Chatwing


Website & Blog Visibility: Chatwing

When it comes to online visibility, many websites and blogs are undergoing tough competition. In a single niche alone there are thousands of active and inactive blogs. You can imagine the Internet as a large pie where everyone can get a piece…or not at all. If you have a website and you want to have continuous natural visibility, you can rely on an application from


The application from Chatwing can be installed to blogs and it acts like a chatting lounge where people can gather and talk about different things. Any niche blogger can benefit from the visibility offered by the Chatwing tool. The visibility spikes are even higher if the niche of the website is popular. If your website is under the niche of technology, there is a huge chance that your blog will be noticed through the Chatwing chat app. Just install the application in your blog, and share the news to your friends and colleagues.

One of the great things about the Chatwing chat software is the customizations that it offers. After installation you can customize the app via the dashboard and choose from the various color schemes and sizes. Font families can even be set for a greater customized feel. It doesn’t stop there—if you want to unleash your creative side, you can try out Chatwing’s different background images. The designs of the images are soothing to the eye. Alternatively, you can upload an image link of your choice—just make sure the image link is valid.

Professional online marketers can also use the chat box because of the social connectivity that it offers. Currently, visitors can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google accounts. With these accounts, they can now send invitations to each other. This is a good opportunity for the website owner to reach different groups of people.

Thanks Aaron for that explanation of this chat app!

So there you have it. Chat software by Chatwing.

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  1. JeriWB says:

    Sounds interesting. It's always nice to hear about something that can help a blogger stand out from the crowd.

  2. I think we bloggers are always looking for way to make that happen. I'll be checking this out. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good idea, Cheryl. Do you use it? If so, what difference does it make? Did you get more visitors? More comments? Any complications?

  4. @patweber says:

    Intriguing. Is it here on your blog? I can't find it if it is. But I'll head over to take a look/see. My webmaster REALLY wanted me to cut back on adding apps – slows blog down. Thanks Cheryl.

  5. Jeannette Paladino says:

    Cheryl — It sounds very interesting. I'm not quite sure I understand how it works — so I better head over and take a look. You're right, though. The competition from the ever-growing number of blogs is making it more difficult to attract the traffic you want.