The Lawn Mower Diet Returns


The Lawn Mower Diet Returns

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Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away… I wrote a blog post about using my lawn mower as weight control. Now that I have moved house I am back to using the push lawn mower full time. No more riding lawn tractor to cut grass. No. My lawn mower is more modern that this one, but it is not self-propelled. Unless of course I am the ‘self’ in ‘self-propelled’.

So I think this diet could be a real winner.

The benefits to cutting the lawn with a push mower:

  • It is a great cardio workout. You can seriously break a sweat with all the walking.
  • You can work on your tan while you are cutting the grass. Be safe and use sun screen!
  • It’s great for building and toning muscles. Yup. I can feel them all…
  • You can use those monthly fitness center fees you normally pay for a good cup of whatever suits your fancy. Tall vanilla latte please!

We could hold a photo shoot of before and after shots to show the benefits of the new ‘cutting edge’ (get it?) Lawn Mower Diet.

So what do you think? Have I got a winner here or what?

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  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I remember that post. I applaud you for this, My yard is much to large to consider this. Now that the weather is nice, just working in my garden is a great workout. 🙂

  2. JeriWB says:

    That's definitely a great idea 🙂 Any way to add physical activity to the day is well worth it. I used to ride my bike to work years ago. EVen though it was only 1.5 miles each way, it made a big difference.

  3. Laura Zera says:

    And no noise pollution — another great benefit!

  4. Our gas mower died last year, so it looks like we are back to the push mower for a bit. I do need to pull it out of the shed soon. Our grass is getting long now.

  5. Elizabeth Scott says:

    I regularly go mow lawns and I can verify it is great exercise!!! Though I do have a "drive" on mine so I am not pushing it. 🙂

  6. Funny post Cheryl. What should people who live in apartments do?:-)

    Seriously, I agree with you. People should be physically active as much as they can. Provided they want to stay healthy and fit, that is:-)