The Just Dance Craze


FacebookUnless you have been living in seclusion or on a remote island with no outside contact, you are probably aware of the dance craze took place when the original ‘Just Dance’ Wii game first appeared on the market. I think there have been three versions to date, and now Just Dance 4 is available for pre-order.

When this craze started it was just a Wii game. Then it turned in to a full on dance fad/craze. It was being advertised not only as a game and a way to have fun, but also a way to get fit. Dance your way to fitness! As a group activity or a private activity, everyone can participate and benefit. My understanding is that people were actually losing weight as a result of dancing with this game.

How many of us bought in to this and joined the craze? Did you buy the first version, or wait until the new and improved next version came out? I am going to confess that I bought the second version. Yes I did. I even managed to use it a few times before I gave up. Why? I am just not that coordinated. Big sigh…

I have not given up on dancing as a way to exercise. I am just not using Just Dance to do it. I think it’s great for getting kids who would normally be ‘couch potatoes’ involved in a physical activity that is actually good for them and fun. If adults can use this for their physical fitness or weight loss objectives, wonderful!

As for me and my lack of dancing skills… I will just move to my own music in my own way. A dancer I am not, but I like to do it anyway. If nothing else, I am great entertainment for anyone needing a good laugh. Yes, it’s that comical.

So it’s confession time. Hey now… I confessed first. Did you buy in to the Just Dance craze? Did you purchase one or more of the versions? If you bought it, do you still use it? Is dancing one of your forms of exercise?

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  1. joannerambling says:

    No I didn't I do own a WII but I am not into games so and only use the WII for fitness as in WII Fit……………

    • Geek Girl says:

      I have the Wii Fit as well. Used it for a while, but found most of it was not useful to me. Big sigh…I got the Just Dance only to try it as a fitness tool. That did not work out so well… 🙁