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Mod Med photo About two months ago my my husband had cataract surgery on his right eye. That one turned out so well that I am writing this post as he is having his left eye done. He has been waiting for this with great anticipation. He will now enjoy better sight than he has had in years.

It’s interesting the things that he has noticed since having his first eye done. Aside from the obvious benefit of better vision he has noticed that colors are different and more vibrant. Walls he thought were yellow now appear white like they should be. This really surprised him. They tell us that this is a common theme among those having this surgery. Patients lose things like color and their tones gradually over the years and don’t even realize they have lost them until suddenly they are back after surgery.

My husband had lenses placed when the cataracts were removed. This greatly reduces his dependency on reading glasses. He can now do all his computer work without glasses. I think this technology is just amazing.

We are very thankful for this now routine outpatient surgery that allows people like my husband a second chance at normal sight. I hope that I never have need of cataract surgery. But it’s nice to know it’s readily available and can be done so quickly and easily.

Have you benefited from modern medicine in some way?

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  1. Bethany Lee says:

    Oh yeah, I've benefited!!!
    My dad had cataract surgery on both eyes and he opted for lasik at the same time, and now his vision is 20/20 and he's in his 60s. When I saw how easy it was for him, I decided to get lasik and so glad I did. I HATED wearing glasses and now I don't have to. That was about four years ago and so far, my vision is still 20/20. Loving it!
    Also, my uncle was BLIND from cataracts and he was able to get surgery recently, and after being blind for several years, he was in seventh heaven (he lives out of country and had some issues with insurance . . .yadayadayada, and so he went much longer than necessary).

    • Geek Girl says:

      I had lasik myself. SO happy I did. I still have to use reading glasses but it is a very small price to pay. I was pretty much blind without glasses. Now I can go swimming and actually see where I am going. Woo Hoo!!! I did not know that lasik was an option in conjunction with cataract surgery. My husband received the lens implants. I assume it is pretty much the same result. So yay for your family and mine! Woo Hoo!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. JeriWB says:

    I've thought about getting lasik, but then I recall shows I've seen on tv where all the stuff that can go wrong gets highlighted. I can barely see the E on the eye chart and have worn contacts since fifth grade. I bet it must be nice to wake up in the morning being able to see! Now that I've dutifully done the contact thing for so long, I probably won't ever take the lasik plunge. My cousin corneas have been replaced twice (I can't remember exactly what is wrong with her eyes). Modern medicine has accomplished so much, but what I think I'm really waiting for is someone to come up with the ability to help people grow new teeth as I've had my far share of root canals.

    • Geek Girl says:

      I started wearing glasses in 4th grade. I wore contacts for years. They became uncomfortable when my eyes did not produce as much moisture. Having lasik done was the best thing ever. Do not read all the possible things that could happen. If you do that, you will never cross the street because you could get hit by a truck. You have to look at the track record for things and not the exceptions. Now as for teeth… they have sort of addressed that with implants. πŸ™‚

  3. Patricia Weber says:

    What I've benefited most from is challenging some modern medicine. Cataract surgery is terrific – my mom had both eyes done about 3 years ago. Now at 85 she is still – when she remembers her low prescription glasses – can see better than she had for about 2 years. But my benefit is from not jumping into anything that doctors suggest I do. I have avoided surgeries and more importantly medications. I always want to try natural means first. And in all but one out of at least 5 medical challenges, I've been most successful. Medical advances are a blessing and I consider myself lucky to be able to have the ability to say yes or no.

    • Geek Girl says:

      I agree with you. I go natural if at all possible. However, it is nice to have the advancements to take advantage of when needed. πŸ™‚

  4. What a wonderful story Cheryl. Most of us will end up with problems with our eyes. Personally have had to start using reading glasses. Maybe in the future I will also have cataract surgery? If so, it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    • Geek Girl says:

      Thanks Catarina. It's nice to know that for many common issues, like cataracts, there is a routine answer now.

  5. Dan Meyers says:

    I didn't think about "modern medicine" much until I needed it! My surgery (torn Achilles) has been around for a while, but the techniques have changed so much in the last decade that I was walking again months before others would have 10 years ago. We're definitely lucky… but at the same time we're over-medicated because of this. It's a balance I suppose.

    • Geek Girl says:

      There are always down sides to every good thing. You are correct. It is a balancing act.