Plastic & Glass Bottle Crafts To Do With Your Kids


Plastic & Glass Bottle Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Photo Credit: Lifechanyuan

Photo Credit: Lifechanyuan

Some of the best craft ideas are centered on repurposing jars or bottles. They are very versatile items and easy to find. You can use emptied product containers you have lying around the house, or you can find new, unbranded plastic and glass bottles. There are many ways you can use empty glass or plastic containers to make other things and even include your kids in the fun.

One of the most popular crafts among kids that can be done with a glass jar is creating a unique snow globe.

Snow Globe


  • water resistant glue
  • glitter
  • water
  • a glass jar with lid
  • small plastic or ceramic figurine that can fit inside the jar


Use the water resistant glue to attach the figurine to the lid.

The centerpiece of the snow globe will be this figurine, so let your child pick out their favorite at a specialty store.

Glue the bottom of your selected centerpiece to the underside of the lid.

This should result in the item sticking to the lid and hanging upside down within the jar when you screw the lid back on the jar.

Once you have selected and glued your centerpiece, you and your child simply fill the jar with water and glitter.

Screw the lid on the jar and shake! Now you and your child have made your very own snow globe with a custom centerpiece. Kids love this project because they get to pick out their favorite color of glitter and the centerpiece.

Homemade Air Freshener

If you’re looking to start with something simpler and only have a short amount of time on your hands, try making a homemade air freshener with your child.


  • your favorite smelling essential oils
  • any container of your choice
  • baking soda


Simply fill your jar or bottle with the baking soda and the fragrances you selected.

Then, help your child poke 3–4 holes into the top of the lid.

This completes your homemade air freshener! This is a great craft if you’re looking for a simple project that still allows your child to make choices. With this project, they’ll get to choose their favorite scented oils for the freshener.

Another project kids love is making their own terrariums out of containers such as large glass or plastic bottles. A terrarium is a sealed but transparent container of plants, dirt, rocks, and/or insects, which you can observe as they live and grow. Terrariums can be made out of many things and are a bit complicated, so you will want to research more terrarium ideas with full tutorials with your child.

Some of the crafts you find online might seem too complicated or time consuming, but you can just use them as inspiration for your own ideas. The things that make a craft most fun for kids are being able to make choices about the direction or style of the project, and doing something physical with their hands. As long as you keep these two principles in mind, you can invent your own crafts tailored specifically to your child’s interests and abilities.

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