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Pens My passion for writing has not always manifested itself in the usual ways over the years. When I was in denial and repressing my writing I collected pens. Yes. That’s right. Pens. All different shapes, sizes, and ink colors. My obsession with collecting pens did not stop with me purchasing pens. Oh no. If I went in to collect a prescription and they had a unique pen for us to sign our names with, I asked them if I could have it. The same thing happened with restaurants. When I went to sign the credit card receipt I asked for the pen if I thought it would add to my collection. I showed no mercy. I exhibited this behavior everywhere I went. Over the years I accumulated quite a collection.

Here’s the deal… I never did anything with those pens other than collect them. Seriously… I never used them. I never signed a check with them, never wrote a letter with them, never did anything with them other than collect them. How sad is that? That’s what happens when you repress your passions. They ooze out somewhere else in unexpected ways.

Today I no longer collect pens. Yes, I use pens with different colored inks. The key is that I actually USE any pen I have. I do not use them for writing, but I use them for my day job and taking notes.

My blog is where I actually write. I can use any color or type of text I want to use. No pens required. What has happened? I am no longer in denial. I do not need to express my latent desire to write by collecting pens that will never be used for writing. My passion for writing is finally being expressed rather than being repressed.

How about you? Have you experienced anything like this?

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  1. JeriWB says:

    I'm a medium point Pentel R.S.V.P inkpen user all the way. So much so I carry one with me so I won't have to write with other pens when I go places. I used to keep them in my classroom as well and all of the students knew not to touch Ms. Walker's pens!

  2. projectwhitespace says:

    Oh my goodness!! This is so interesting about you. And I think it's also quite funny. 🙂
    Ok, so what do I do? I write a lot in my blog, but it is my dream to one day write a book. To make up for my lack of writing a book, you know what I do? I like to smell a new book. The printing job, the ink, the scent of the new pages. And then, I take it a step further, and I touch the pages between my forefinger and thumb and see what kind of cool noise the paper will make between my thumb and finger. And then I turn the pages. turn, turn, turn. It's so delightful! And now I sound like a complete weirdo!

  3. Jo-Anne says:

    I love pens I am always buying them in different colours and different type of inks so I see a photo here of pens and I go ohhhh pens……… I also have a large collection of pens some of which I have not used why I have no idea it is as if I am afraid to use the pen………….lol

  4. Susan Cooper says:

    I love it. you are os right about repressing where your heart says you should be. It does show up in some unusual and unexpected ways. Mine was art supplies, specially expensive drafting pins used for Pen & Ink drawings. Sadly I never used them and many have dried up and are not longer useful. Since I have found drawing on my computer and iPad I longer have that need. :-))) Although I do want to get back to my pin and ink drawing some day.

    • Geek Girl says:

      My view is that as long as you are expressing your passion the platform does not really matter. You are a wonderful artist! I always look forward to your illustrations. :)Sent from my iPad