Munir Bello: Author Interview


Munir Bello: Author Interview

Munir Abubakar

This up and coming author is really making an impression in the U.K. When I was approached to publish an interview with him, I had no reservations about saying ‘yes’.

My Interview with Munir Bello

What is the title or working title of your current book?

The Break Up Recipe

The Break-Up Recipe

Please provide us with a brief synopsis of your book.

Mark Mutton, a funny, cynical salesman has just been made aware that with 4 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours to go before their wedding, that it is off by Samantha Johnson, his fiancée. He has a series of comical flashbacks before arriving back to the moment. Mark has led a hilarious existence and he is proud to share them with you. You’re taken on a tour of his view on relationships, sex and dating. This is a novel about relationships from the point of view of a man boy. Classic Man-Lit for women.

What genre does your current book fall under?

Romantic Comedy

Do you always write for the same genre?

It’s my first book. There are books in the future that will be from a completely different genre.

Who or what motivates or inspires you to write?

My inspiration for writing comes from a wish to make people laugh with the use of my pen (or keyboard). It’s also fun to hear people discuss your work and offer their opinions on the characters. Reading Maya Angelou’s work was a real inspiration also as her writing is out of this world.

Tell us about your writing background.

The Break Up Recipe is my first book and was written when I started living alone after a break up. I found myself with a lot of spare time and decided to do something which I’d always wanted to do…….. write. Prior to that I’d never written anything professionally and I was lucky that it got the response that it did.

How long does it typically take you to write a first draft?

The book was written in 8 and half months and edited in 5 days. Some chapters were written over a long period of time. Two chapters were written in just under an hour each. There’s a huge variance. Just depends on whether or not what’s in your brain comes out as well as you hope on paper.

Do you employ an editor to assist you in your writing process?

I only let the editors look at the work after I had completely finished it so that all they were doing was checking for grammatical and punctuation errors. It also meant that there was no distraction from anyone whilst I was in the process of writing. I find that too much input at the creation stage can throw things off balance.

Are you self-published or represented by an agency?

I am self published with Amazon.

Do you have future projects we can look forward to?

I will be writing two follow ups to The Break Up Recipe due to popular demand and another book which will be in a completely different genre.

Do you have any tips or advice to offer fellow writers?

It’s a very tricky and fickle business. Self promote like there’s no tomorrow and don’t worry about others making fun of you for doing so. It’s the only way to try and succeed in a heavily saturated market.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your potential readers?

Please buy the book and spread the word. One day I plan to write about the amount of work I put into promoting the book and I promise you your mind will be blown!

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youtube page: munir bello

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  1. Man lit is an interesting concept. Does it give women a new perspective on the mind of men?

    • Geek Girl says:

      Good question…

    • it certainly does Mr Jefferson, apologies for not responding sooner, have only just seen the thread.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    I enjoyed this author interview Cheryl. I think his book and story line sounds really interesting. I have yet to download it, maybe it’s time I get to it. 🙂

    • Geek Girl says:

      It is an interesting topic coming from a male point of view. You don't often see that.

    • Hello again Miss Cooper, have just gone through your interview with me and commented (don't kill me) your inbox might be buzzing like crazy. I hope you do enjoy it and i'm sorry it took so long to reply. Have only just seen the thread.

      • Susan Cooper says:

        No worries. It was interesting to see this post light up once again. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good book. During the 15 years I lived in London I used to find fantastic books written by new writers in the bookshops. Hanif Kureishi was one of them and I can't help thinking oof him when I read your interview with Munir Bello

    • Geek Girl says:

      Ah yes bookshops… almost unheard of now.

    • That's a very flattering comparison and I hope i son't disappoint you. Thanks for taking the time to comment. My apologies for responding so late, have only just seen the comments.

  4. JeriWB says:

    I've been following Munir for months now. It's been inspiring to watch his growth and the great ideas he's came up with for marketing, especially the video he shot of people reading his book. I wish him much luck in his writing endeavors.

  5. namirusso says:

    Man Lit for women – sounds interesting. If it's comical, it's definitely going to be on my list. Thanks for the interview, Cheryl.

    • Certainly is comical (well, it tries anyway). Hope you do like it. Sorry for such a late response. Have only just seen the thread today.

  6. Thanks for this, Cheryl. We authors need all the help we can get in publicizing our books. I'm sure Munir appreciates the interview.

    • Yes Doreen, I certainly do. I'm sorry for late response, have only just seen this thread. Glad you took the time to read it, very appreciative.

  7. Thanks for the interview Cheryl. Munir sounds like a really interesting guy as well as a promising author.

    • I certainly do try AK, looking forward to your book. Sorry response was so slow, have only just seen the thread.