KUNUNDRUM – Free on Amazon Today


KUNUNDRUM Are you looking for a way to spend your Sunday afternoon? Like puzzle games? Perhaps you should try KUNUNDRUM. Those who have tried the game and reviewed it seem to like it. It normally runs $0.99. If you are interested in getting this for your Android device, better go grab it on Amazon while it’s free.

Here is the description –

“Guide your spark, flinging orbs to their colourful goals to unlock stage after stage of brain boggling fun! Make your way through 180 levels of intense strategy using mind warping logic encountering Teleporters, Direction Changers, Blockers, Gates and Switches that alter your path as you try to complete the puzzles in as few moves as possible. And when you’re done there, try out one of the upcoming Map Packs with fresh new mechanics adding to the addictive game play, the possibilities are endless!”

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also try it for free. If you like it, you will have to fork over the $0.99 for the full version. However, if you are one of those people who have the new iPad, you will have to wait until the developers resolve the issues with it.

Have Fun!

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  1. JeriWB says:

    Can't try this one as I have an iPhone, but I did download a couple of meme makers the other day based on some links you tweeted 😉

    • Geek Girl says:

      This one is available on iPhone as well, but glad you got some meme apps. 🙂

  2. findingourwaynow says:

    I love puzzles. I'm not sure it would be a good idea for me to download this right now. I already have way to much on my plate and don't need to extra distractions… LOL

    • Geek Girl says:

      Since this was intended as Sunday afternoon entertainment I would give it a pass too! 🙂

  3. namirusso says:

    I'm afraid all my energy and brain cells are pretty much spent by breakfast – but if I had any left over, I just might exercise my noggin with this.

  4. Geek Girl says:

    It may seem like all your brain cells are spent, but I would bet that you have plenty left for whatever it is you want to do. 🙂