BeBop Blox: iPhone & iPad App


BeBop Blox: iPhone & iPad App

BeBop Blox


If you have little ones around at all, you will appreciate this sweet little free app.

Choose the puzzle.



The pieces come along the train track.

The little gray shapes indicate what pieces should be placed.


Pieces on Track


Your child simply drags the correct shapes to the matching gray shape.



Choose and Drag




Once they have completed the puzzle confetti drops

and music plays in celebration.


How cool is that? Hours of fun for your youngsters.

Per the app description:

Develop problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, and fine motor abilities as your child explores the world of BeBop Blox.

You can find this free app here. Enjoy!

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  1. JeriWB says:

    It would be so fun to know how to design apps. I suffer from shiny object syndrome when it comes to this type of stuff. But really, if I was just starting college now, I would take a more tech-oriented route.