Top Receive SMS Services to Create Fake Accounts on Tik Tok

Most social media, shopping, dating, and discussion sites require a real phone number during registration. Tik Tok is not an exception. It is requested for further sending of a verification code that needs to be copied to the platform you are registering at. If you have a need of creating multiple Tik Tok accounts, you might want to consider virtual receive SMS Web-sites.

Such a company gives for free or sells you a virtual phone directory of a certain mobile operator from a certain country. The bigger the number of directories and countries the company has, the better is cooperation with it. Most often you need to be registered on the company’s Web-site and to replenish your balance. A virtual directory works like a regular SIM card, but online and without a smartphone.

So many online get SMS services have appeared lately that it may be hard to make a choice with which one to go. There are paid and sim sms free options. There are several crucial things you should rely on while choosing a receive SMS accommodation for Tik Tok accounts creation:

  • security level of the company;

  • availability of directories;

  • variety of countries;

  • options for rebuying of a certain number;

  • feedback of other users.

Pay attention to these crucial things while going with an online SIM accommodation and you will not be disappointed. Check out the list of top receive SMS providers.


Offers high level of security and anonymity. Provides 10000+ virtual sim for sms options. The numbers are hosted in more than 30 countries. There are one-time numbs and numbs for rent.

This accommodation offers virtual numbs from 228 countries. You can choose any number you like from the available ones. However, sometimes their numbs fail to work.

It has a base of 87 UK, American, Belgium, Puerto Rican, Canadian and other online SIMs. The numbs are compatible with various popular platforms.

Supports directories from many countries: Japan, Romania, the UK, Germany, Italy, China, the US and others. Regularly refreshes the portfolio of its numbers. Offers anonymity. The messages are delivered fast.

The receive SMS online technology under discussion has 3 British and 5 US options. Most likely you will face a certain delay in receiving the desired message.

Gives virtual directories from Hungary and the US. Sometimes it says that something goes wrong. It is necessary to choose another virtual directory to solve the issue.