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Distance is said to often bring people together, but when we are far away from the ones we love, it can, just as often, be an extremely stressful and lonely experience. Social media and messaging applications of all sorts have helped bridge the gap to a certain extent, and yet, you have to know how to use them, as well as to be able to type fast, and the experience is too digital anyway. But now there is another way of making the distance feel shorter, and a more sensual one too, - long distance lamps.

Stay in touch Long distance lamps

They are also especially suitable for people who would like to keep in touch with those they care about but don't have much time or money for phone calls and messages. Becoming increasingly popular now, these touch lamps give you an opportunity to let your friend, member of your family or any other long-distance significant other know that you are thinking of him or her, and vice versa. All you have to do is touch your lamp, and theirs will light up with your special hue wherever in the world they may be.

What touch lamps are and how they work

Friendship lamps are linked to each other via the Internet, all you need to get them going is a power outlet and a functional Wi-Fi connection. Just turn your Wi-Fi connection on, plug the cord of the lamp and say hi to your loved ones - when one person touches the lamp, the other lamp emits light of the same colour. Apart from that, distance lamps can also be used simply to provide illumination, which makes them a perfect gift for long distance couples. They are made with a wooden base and designed to suit the particular style of your room. And, unlike many other electronic devices, they will serve a long time as they are generally built with durable materials.

This is how Tactus online store helps connect people all over the world. Where they differ from other companies is:

  • they use sustainable, eco-friendly plywood to create the housing of the lamps;
  • their 3D LED lamps emit colours of impressively great variety to suit different moods and occasions;
  • the housing is made with a laser cutter to create any design you choose;
  • ┬átheir lamps come with a remote control to adjust colours and brightness of hundreds of shades, as well as light modes, i.e. smooth, strobe, flash and fade.

A special note:

As it is an Ukrainian-based company, an adapter might be needed in case the lamp is to be used outside Europe, e.g. The USA, Japan, and others.
Their lamps require electricity of 85V-265V range and the 2,4GHz standard Wi-Fi.

Tactus online shop offers you a choice of designs for all sorts of occasions:

  • birthday,
  • graduation,
  • wedding,
  • Christmas,
  • alentine's Day,
  • anniversary,
  • proposal,
  • and others.

You may also select a type of relationship that you would like your lamps for, i.e.

  • friendship,
  • family,
  • love.

The best, of course, is a customised design that will reflect your unique personality and preferences, and they will carve on your lamp the person's name, any text that you ask them to, and/or any picture you choose, like hearts, kisses, and others. All you have to do is send them your instructions online, and they will, for a comparatively low price, make a high-quality lamp that expresses your personal tastes, perfectly fitting into your room's decor, to help you feel near your dearest people when you think of them and to just illuminate your room at other times. Worldwide shipping of your personalised gifts is offered too, which may take up to a couple weeks, depending on where you are.

When you are far away from your love, friends or family, it is great to know that a simple order at a competitive price on Tactus online store can help you just stretch your hand to your long distance lamp and enjoy positive emotions in the hue of the one you miss.