3 Reasons to Consider Bidet Toilet Combo

In countries like Italy and Japan, bidets are practically everywhere. In the US and Germany, for example, they are less common. A bidet is a fixture positioned next to or in front of the toilet seat that is equipped with a water stream. Statistics show the best toilet bidet combos can reduce the use of toilet paper by as much as 80%. This is one reason to get one!

1. Save Money

You can save up to $300 a year off toilet paper alone. Bidets are water-efficient, clean thoroughly, and are budget-friendly. They are highly convenient in that they have customizable pressure settings, temperature, and are very durable. You also reduce your household waste because when you buy less toilet paper, there is less packaging to dispose of.

2. Going Green

Environment protection activists and people who are simply eco-conscious claim that bidets help conserve trees by cutting back on the production and overuse of toilet paper. Bidets save lots of water—the countless gallons squandered on showering as well as the water needed to make toilet paper. A bidet provides a quick and thorough cleanup. Americans use more than 3 million tons of toilet paper a year. Almost 55 million trees are cut down just to make toilet paper!

Even if everyone used tree farms, half of the trees needed to supply the US with toilet paper would still have to be derived from virgin forests.

A bidet can greatly limit the toilet paper that is required when you use the bathroom. This can work wonders for the environment. When transport, packaging, and other additional factors for toilet paper are taken into account, the price of not using a bidet can be very high. The bleaching process used to make toilet paper is very damaging to people and to the earth. Bleaching produces dioxin, a byproduct that has been linked to cancer in humans and animals. In making toilet paper, chlorine products are used, and these leave behind toxins both in the soil and in the toilet paper itself, which we use to wipe our intimate parts. This is why a bidet is a good idea.

3. Health Benefits

People with certain medical conditions might be causing them to become exacerbated by putting off installing a bidet in their home. Conditions such as hemorrhoids or inflammatory bowel disease can render the use of toilet paper uncomfortable and inefficient. Instead, the gentle stream of water a bidet emits can provide not only soothing relief, but also thorough cleaning. Disabled persons and pregnant women may also find that a bidet with electronic keypad control assists in limiting the need to strain and stretch.

Dry toilet paper is rough on the skin and it adds up with time. Warm water will soothe irritated skin and other problems. The cleaner you are, the more comfortable you will feel. People with certain anal and rectal conditions feel pain after using toilet paper. Hemorrhoids in particular don’t take kindly to toilet paper. Other conditions that can be exacerbated include anal fissure or anal prolapse.


You can vary the intensity and temperature of the water stream when you use a bidet. You can also determine the direction of the water. This is very good for your health because you can soothe the rectal area without any rubbing or rough pressure that may cause further inflammation and discomfort. The option of air dry provides a gentle stream of warm air that soothes the skin.

Residue left by toilet paper can cause anal itching, a common affliction among the US population. In many cases, a bidet can eliminate anal itching and help you feel better. A bidet can help you prevent skin irritation and other problems if you are physically limited or disabled in any way. It is very convenient for older people as well.

After you use the bathroom, you normally use dry toilet paper, but that doesn’t clean as effectively as the stream of the bidet. The water washes away any residue left on your skin. People who have bidets report feeling much cleaner and fresher compared to before they had them installed. Two out of every three Japanese homes are equipped with this sanitation device. Almost every household in Venezuela and other South American countries have bidets. Bidets are common across Asia, the Middle East, and in some European countries. However, most Americans have never used or even seen a bidet, and the USA is one of the few countries around the globe without bidets. At any rate, very few homes in America have them.

Types of Bidets

There are many different kinds of bidet models and various features to choose from when you buy this type of unit. Some bidets provide warm water that cleanses and soothes. Others offer a seat warming function. Still others provide a warm air dry option once you’re done rinsing.

Final Thought – It’s Practical!

Last but not least, did you know a bidet could limit the plumbing problems in your home? It will help prevent clogs in your pipes and sewage. Because so much less toilet paper is used when you have a bidet – we mentioned it was usually around 75% - much less is going through the sewer pipes. We can draw the logical conclusion that much less could create clogs.

This benefit of bidets shouldn’t be underestimated. As you may know, it is expensive to call in a professional plumber. Even if it weren’t, the fact that plumbing problems are such a hassle remains. If you have a bidet installed, you can eliminate these issues once and for all, or at least reduce them. With all of the pros and benefits that a bidet offers, it’s a surprise that so few Americans refrain from them. We are obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness, yet we continue to use the least effective method possible in the bathroom, where these considerations are more pertinent than ever. Get a bidet today and see what you’ve been missing!